Guarantees & Assurances

A rational buyer requires salient information for important decision making. MONTANA OCEANO commits to all the necessary Guarantees and Assurances:

Concept to Realisation

  • An experienced professional team of consultants on board from conception to realization
  • Building and specialist contractors will be selected among the best contractors in the Mauritius, having long outstanding track record in projects of luxury residences and modern construction techniques and resources
  • Adoption of and in compliance of the British construction standards
  • Rigorous attention to & monitoring the details and workmanship of the contractors by MONTANA OCEANO professional team of consultants
  • Thorough & passionate attention to ensure exquisite & aesthetics finishes

Independent technical Control

Appointment of an Independent Quality Assurance Contractor, APPAVE Indian Ocean Ltd, whose mission is to intervene and control:

  • to validate all regulatory aspects
  • to ensure a rigorous technical construction supervision from the beginning to validate plans/designs (architect’s and structural engineer’s drawings, design criteria, structural calculations, etc)
  • to ensure compliance through inspection during construction of quality and standards;
  • to ensure that construction works conform with standards set in contract with builders
  • and at the time of delivery of a residential property to the purchaser, to deliver to that purchaser a clearance certificate stating that the construction works conform with the standards set out in the contract

Construction Specifications

A detailed construction specifications would be provided in a dedicated document to the buyer before VEFA contract guiding on the general construction methodology and finishes. The buyer may propose modifications that should be negotiated and agreed with the Promoter.

Decennial Insurance Guarantee – Obligations of Montana

MONTANA shall subscribe to a property damage insurance policy as per Building Control Act 2012, from the reputable insurance company, in favour of the buyer to guarantee, for a period of 10 years, for any property damage caused to the building by faults or defects originating in or affecting the structural elements.

Buyer’s Security - Safeguards & Protections

Schedule for completion:

The consultants have scheduled construction to last for 15 months and that will start following sufficient reservations which Montana believe to achieve within 6 months of marketing launch.

Buying process steps:

Upon reservation, a “Contrat de Reservation Preliminaire (CRP)” would be entered into at the designated Notary and 10% deposit of the property sale price would be paid in an Escrow account, under the custody of the Notary.

Government Body Reguations & Supervisions

The Government of Mauritius authoritative body, the Economic Development Board (EDB –, is responsible to regulate and supervise the projects under the PDS schemes - especially financial and technical conditions, set on the Promoter with the intention to protect buyers.

Garantie Financiere d’Achevement (GFA) / Financial Guarantee to Completion

Among the financial conditions, the Promoter should obtain a letter from a registered financial institution confirming that it will provide a ‘Garantie Financiere d’Achevement (GFA)” for the project for sales made under the provisions of “Vente en Etat Future d’Achevement (VEFA)”; MONTANA has already secured its GFA from a repuatable Bank.

Vente en Etat Future d’Achevement (VEFA)/Civil Law Contract

Under VEFA contract, the call of funds, at defined stages of the construction, would be monitored by an Independent Quantity Servoyor. The EDB will also supervise the progress through visits and reports. This will ensure that the buyer is well protected.

Delivery process / taking possession

The buyer would carry a site visit with Montana project consultants; the buyer is free to be accompanied by his/her adviser as well. Upon satisfaction, that all the conditions of the VEFA document have been met, the buyer will then proceed with final formalities with the Notary.