Mauritius, a heavenly sense of place

Mauritius, slice of heavenly tropical beauty, in the midst of the Indian Ocean, has it all!! Montana Oceano on the sun kissed west coast, is your chance to enjoy island living at its best!

  • Blessed with immaculate, peaceful & tranquil natural beauty
  • Castaway lifestyle of Robinson Crusoe blends seamlessly with state-of-the-art infrastructure (air, sea, road), technology & communication and conveniences
  • Dream kind sanctuary, sun shines, pristine beaches, turquoise lagoon waters, scenic authentic nature in sync with modernity & comfort.
  • Vibrant, diverse cultures and harmonious mix of people are welcoming and hospitable
  • Global nomads experiencing wonderful change of scenery and feeling right at home; time zone GMT+4
  • Basks in political stability, thriving democracy, sustained economic growth, social, established & independent rule of law
  • Most sought and best-in-class place & highly recommended for relocation to lead a meaningful, rewarding life
  • Almost full literacy rate, bilingual French & English, skilled human resources.